Constant editor crash when drag and dropping various things.

Dont know if this is the right spot as i didnt really see a section for bug reporting.

I keep getting crashes when doing simple things such as dragging and dropping things.
I have two different GPU’s that each have their own monitor.

This is basically how my layout is:

What happens is either dragging from one monitor to the other, the editor will freeze for a while with a black tooltip then crash or, more recently, whenever i try to re-arrange to have an audio track to be above a spawned mannequin track, or vice-versa.

It doesnt happen all the time but it’s pretty specific in which ones it is.

I have uploaded my crash logs of the more recent crashes but it generally seems to be the same issue. (remove the zip extension, it’s compressed into a 7z archive for better compression.)

Using 4.22.3 but it has been happening to me with previous version.

I’ve checked the logs and it’s something to do with the D3D11Viewport.cpp file but with further examinations of the logs it says an operation completed successfully, so i have pretty much no clue what the heck is going on.

The engine isn’t designed to run across multiple cards, so if you have the monitors running on separate graphics cards and you’re trying to use UE4 on both monitors then it’s probably going to have problems.