constant crashing in high after latest update


After the latest update i cant process anything - RC crashes whenever i try to process scenes at hi quality.

I am shooting and mixing 61 megapixel Sony images with 12 megapixel drone images but have had no problems in the past. I process on average 1 asset every 2 days and until the last update never had a crash at all

after the latest update RC crashes whenever i try to process in high quality. i am able to align images and  process normal quality scenes no problem - but when i try to do the master in high it crashes like crazy… 

i have tried re-cropping, loosing bad photos, just about everything not sure what is left that i have not tried,. 

i have sent all the crash logs in - same user as this account. my box is a high end i9 10k with 128gb ram and a 2070 nvidia so its pretty quick for my assets.

help please i have another 30 assets to process for this job and am now stuck…

Hi Karsten,

                there are a number of things you can try. Firstly delete the cache from within the app, and/or manually delete the cache. You can hold down shift whilst double clicking the icon to launch the app, and it will give you a few options. First use “Make it like a clean install” then click reset, close the app then do this again and this time choose “Reset the application settings”. Also check if your drivers are updated. How many inputs do you have? And may I see a screenshot of your reconstruction settings? During which process is it crashing? (as seen in the console).

i have done all of the above…

  1. unisntalled RC

  2. reinstalled RC

  3. deleted cache and appdata

  4. started with SHIFT as clean install

My drivers are all up to date, i have between 700 and 1800 inputs across the 3 projects i have been using that all crash like crazy since your last update. 

it crashes during the last 20% of processing in high - will try to process again and see if i can get the screenshots.

Can you look at my debug logs ? i have sent them all everytime and they would tell you where its crashing and why ?

please note that before the last update i processed over 30 assets washout any issues at all- i was actually very pleased with the stability of RC

Hi Karsten,

               please contact us at, so we can have a closer look at this.

Hi Karsten,

             I can see you added some folders on 2nd Jan, but they are showing as empty for me.