Constanly adjust panner speed

The panner node seems to fall apart while adjusting it’s speed on the fly. It works fine with a constant speed but changing the speed over time makes the panner flip out.
I want to adjust the X or Y panner speed based on pawn speed. (I have Map Ranged Clamped the pawn speed to return only 0-1 and I’m never panning faster than 1.) It’s printing to screen between 0-1 so i know the values are correct.

When the pawn is at a constant speed (1) everything works fine but while accelerating or decelerating the panner goes nuts/runs backwards, speeds up way faster than 1…
Anyone know how to smoothly adjust a panner speed over time?

You can reproduce the same effect if you perameterize a panner node and slide the X or Y speed up and down on the fly in your material preview.