Console Development Question

Hi! I’ve been working on my game for a few months, and today the question struck: “what if 1/2 of the stuff I’m doing won’t work on consoles, or won’t look the same”?

So, basically, what I’m asking is if there’s anything I should keep in mind? For instance, what can I do that works on PC and not consoles? Any performance issues? Particle tips? That kind of thing. I’m developing for the big 3: PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Thank you!

Xbox and PS4 shouldn’t have performance issues unless you are developing a game the size of a call of duty game, the consoles can handle a lot more.

Ah, I hope so, that’s good to hear :'D It’s a 2D game with relatively low amount of non-paper2d assets in it, so I should be fine. All functions and everything work fine though, right?

XBox One and PS4 will be able to handle that easy. Look at games like The Order: 1886, Silent Hills, Until Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Uncharted 4. Those games on PS4 run flawlessly and are some of the best looking games in existence. All of the code should automatically convert when you compile on the consoles’ dev kits.