Consistent launch error issues [4-21]

Hello all. [4-21]

I’m not completely certain if this is an UE problem or a directX problem, but several of my Steam games I have attempted to play lately crash on start up giving various but somewhat similar (I think) error messages pertaining to both/either. I can provide exact messages if need be, but it’s generally some sort of “Lowlevelfatal error/ resize buffer” message.

This has become wildly frustrating over the past week and I’ve received very little response by way of the other communities I’ve asked in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please understand that I’m quite tech illiterate, so most terminology or advanced wording will be lost on me.

Thanks in advance, and really hoping to find some help! Also note I’ve no idea what version I have so the version tag may be false.

Please, no where I post is responding, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is one of the error reports I receive, if it helps provide some information on the issue.