Considering doing a weekly twich show reviewing the C++ source for UE4 - Interested?

I’m a very experienced C++ coder, but relatively new to the UE4 Engine. I’ve worked with other Game engines in the past, but more as a hobby then as a business. I want to spend more time digging into the internals and see how things work.

So I’m considering doing this as a twitch show so that others can follow along and share their knowledge and experience. Or to ask questions to help direct the direction of the review.

The plan is to have a 1-2 hour weekly show, scheduled sometime convenient for the US east coast, which is where I am. Each show will focus on one part of the engine and spend time reading code, discussing the interface and algorithms and coming up with ideas of how to use it in real code.

I’ve added a poll to gauge interest and the level of experience people have. I’d also like to find out, for people who are interested, at what time do you want the show to be.