Connection Rate Throttling

As we are all aware of lag is here to stay. Playing against a 40 ping rate is no fun when you have a 120. The greatly lower rate will pretty much dictate who wins every gun fight. A lower lag will also hog server resources causing further degradation. So what I suggest is a throttle which will not allow access rates to exceed twice the slowest rate with a maximum threshold equal to about a 75 ping. I believe a throttle of this type will allow a much more even internet multiplayer experience.

I didn’t track this all the way down but at least the notion of capping per user bandwidth/throttling appears to be in the code base already. It shouldn’t be to hard to take that to the next step yourself if you wanted to rate limit low ping players to the point of negatively effecting their latency. (Assuming it does what it says it does since I didn’t chase the code all the way through)

From GameMode.cpp:

		World->NetworkManager->UpdateNetSpeeds(true);	 // @TODO ONLINE - Revisit LAN netspeeds