Connect Mesh array to add impulse node

I’m trying to create a BP that on event begin play will pick a random destructible mesh and launch it into the air. I am able to create the array but when I try to connect it to the add impulse node I get the error “destructible mesh object reference is not compatible with primitive component object reference” is there a way to do this or am I going at it the wrong way completely


Get an item from what?

You likely want to use the reference from your Add Destructible Component and plug it into the Add Impulse node.

If the arrays is of “Static Mesh” and not “Static Mesh Component” items then you need to cast the item to a “PrimitiveComponent”:

from the array you can see on the left of the picture. It’s holding the meshes and I am trying to get them to randomly be added to the BP so when event begin starts that random mesh will exist in the level and shoot up into the air.

it won’t connect. I get the same error saying it’s not compatible.

But are they “Static Mesh Component” or “Static Mesh”?

And it’s an array of what?

random destructible meshes

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. The items in the array are of what type (static meshes, static meshes components, actors, …) and where are they (are they in the world, are they components of this BP)?

“Destructible Meshes”? Are these in the world? I don’t get it.


Now, if they are independent “Destructible Actors” then it’s easy:

Drag off the “Add Destructible Component” output and type Add Impulse, you should surely be able to see it.