Connceting two landscapes

i have two landspace, can i conncet them to sclupt on both of them in editor or i must export it to external programm?

I want to have possibilty paiting materials, sclupt, etc on two in same time, can i?

This is not yet possible with just landscapes that are created.

However, If you use the World Browser you can make multiple landscapes that tiled and you can paint/sculpt between them this way.

Docs: World Composition in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

  • First go to Settings > World Settings > Enable World Composition
  • Menu > Windows > Levels
  • Add an existing map to this persistent level or create a new map
  • Add a landscape to it.
  • In the Levels tab go to the icon to the right of the question mark to summon world composition.
  • You should see your landscape in this view now. You can click and drag it around to place it or leave it where it is
  • To add additional landscapes you can Right-click on the landscape and select "Add Adjacent Landscape Level.
  • Save the new map as a name you would like.
  • Now you can paint and sculpt between multiple landscapes.

I hope this helps.

If there is any confusion please let me know.