Confusions about Pawn instantiating in the world?

I have a question about the the Pawn instantiating in the world.
I’m working on a VR project and as following the tutorials of Epic SteamVR:
I create a Pawn and a GameMode in the game and set as same as the doc.
As for some reasons(interacting with the controllers), I need to place the pawn into the Editor(place the pawn in the level),and the problem shows up,I could see two pairs of vive controllers in my view.

One pair of the controller stay in the place and the other follow with the camera.
And the controllers which followed with the camera couldn’t interact with each other,I supposed that the controllers aren’t instantiated.Cause When the trace line hit each other, it just through out the controller without any hit result.And when the trace line hit the controllers far from the my view, the trace line color is changed when it hits the controllers and controllers attachments.

So,here is what I want or the problem I want to solve.
I want to place the pawn in the world with the correct GameMode setting and in my camera view,I only want to see one pair of instantiated controllers without interacting any problem.How should I do?
I notice the VR Content example has the similar goal,is anyone could help me ?
Thank you very much.

Here is the picture of camera view

And here is the picture of GameMode setting

Sounds like one pawn is automatically spawning when the game starts (this is something you can change in the GameMode I think), and the other one is the one you placed in the level.