Confusion about Class Blueprints

Hey guys,

I’m having some trouble with a Class blueprint right now.

I have assigned a TextRenderActor to the blueprint, and I’m trying to perform a set of scripting actions for every instance of this blueprint that I have in my level.
Specifically, I want to change the text of every TextRenderActor when I press a key.

Here’s my blueprint:


When I press the input key, only the most-recently created instance of the blueprint changes text. Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding what should be happening?

Any assistance appreciated,



get all actors of class, sets its type to your render text (or better make blueprint that has it, and exposed variable) - this gives array of render text or blueprints you did
Then drag array type pin out of that node and make type foreach, this should give you foreach loop that accepts your array

Thanks a lot for the swift reply! That seems like it’s done what I needed to, thanks!

I’ve got another issue now however - I created a huge amount of these instances previously, and none of them are seeming to use the behaviour from their blueprint - only newly created instances are doing so.

I think I’ve renamed the blueprint in the past, but the thing is, the older instances all still say ‘Edit LettersBlueprint’, just like the new ones, so they’re not apparently belonging to a different class…

Any ideas what might be happening? The work it’d take to delete all the old instances and make new ones in their place is honestly frightening.

Anyone? I really don’t want to have to go and drag out every instance of this stupid blueprint again :confused:

Ok, done it now and everything seems to work well.