Confused by sequencer

Hi, I’ve recently started Unreal from Maya and I’m having a hard time understanding how the file saving works. I keep saving my work and then losing the actor connections, and have to click ‘fix actor references’ all the time. Some times the links go completely and i lose all my work. Also occasionally i save my level as a new name (v02) and when i open it it looks different. What am i doing wrong?

I’m primarily creating ciinematics within the sequencer. At the moment mainly working with metahumans. I just want the best workflow for creating lots of seperate animations with the same assets. At the moment i just don’t trust that when i save something it will still be there when i open it again!

Any tips? Should I be creating new levels each time per character? Should i drag the character BP straight into the sequencer or into the main level first, then the sequencer? Why do my links to character BP’s always go red everytime i save?

I seem to always end up with two versions of my character in the world outliner, i guess i don’t really understand the relationship between the world outliner and each sequence.

So frustrating. I save my level with the same name and its fine. Then save it as ‘version2’ and it looks completely different, with each camera inside the sequence red… ie unlinked.