Confused by my own bp.. ship roll

Hello i am trying to figure out how to reset the roll of my ship when the input axis is 0 … But i am having a major headache … I have created a variable called input right and this is set by the axis value … Now i want to say (IF INPUT RIGHT IS >OR< THAN 0. SET WORLD ROTATION TO O ) However i cannot get this to work … Could somebody please take a look at my bp and point out what i should be doing ? When i use the above method the ship rotates far beyond 90 degrees and is all messed up

I have been tempted to use a template but i am a slow learner and forcing myself to find solutions is the only way i manage to learn .I find it very hard to deconstruct others work and make it work for myself .Also that bp i shown is how my current setup works and does not realy show my attempt to find a solution .It was me saying this is what i have does anybody have any ideas on how to implement “this” etc etc the following bluprint is my whole setup of my ship character as of now

Yh i guess your right . I have not gotten far into my dev on this project anyway so i guess its best to change my approach now rather than later .Which is a shame because i love how my current setup feels .:frowning: .Apart from the issue of not rolling back into its start position it works prefectly well …Oh well you live and learn i guess thank you

Ok so i have been trying for hours and have had a good look at .At least 5 projects and i am still stuck.My project is now stripped back to the very very basics Could some more people see if you can offer some more advice on this please as i am ready to abandon yet another project

Can you tell exactly what are you trying to achieve ?

Hi and yes of course my blueprint above is supposed to control my ships forward motion and the body roll. as well as the left right movement.Now most of that works fine …However i need my ships roll to be leveled out when the input axis =0 Currently my ships rotation is not reset to 0 when the left analogue stick is released .hence it keeps moving in that direction and my roll is not reset …Hope that makes sense …I will be the first to admit im not a bright guy so please bare with me…PS thank you for any help in advance

Here is a way to do what are you looking for.
To avoid issues, it’s better to work in relative space so look at the hierarchy ( ship mesh is attached to a collision sphere)

Hi i implemented this blueprint into my project and the ship does not roll. It moves very slowly left and right but with no roll …I appreciate your help guys And i am very sorry that i am so incompetent .My mind is dragging me towards other projects which is what always happens when i hit a roadblock .Hence the reason i do not have any completed projects to show . Be honest guys should i take up knitting or something lol . hahah Can you tell i am feeling defeated?

Hmm maybe i will take a look

is this wrong?

Hey sorry and ok

Look at the setup I posted last day , I’ve already mentioned " ship mesh is attached to a collision sphere" and I pointed it with the arrow.

With your setup Ship mesh is the root component so it will not work !

Hi and im sorry i can tell your getting annoyed with me :slight_smile: Lol i did notice the collision sphere thing you pointed out but was not quite sure what you meant . As i said before i am a bit of a dunce .However it is now working flawlessly …I would however love to know WHY it works …If anyone has the time i would love a brief explanation of what the new blueprint is actually doing . I am very grateful to you guys for your help .

Thank you . And yes the “code” at the top is my own. Originally it was controlled by the player but i decided to just lock the boolean throttle on. But leave the option to use a button press available for future ideas . I am toying with the idea that the ship uses solid rocket fuel and hence the burn cant be controlled and the player simply has to survive until the fuel is spent. Lol anyway I am extremely grateful to you for taking the time to explain the bp to me . Visual scripting is very new to me as i have only ever coded in gml . Im pretty sure i have some kind of dyslexia when it comes to reading nodes . Anyway im rambling .Thank you :slight_smile: