Confused about wearing system

Hi. I have modeled one character and i want o make eligible items. For example if i click on 1 my character will wear a helmet. If i click to 2 my character will wear mask. if i click to 3 my character will get a gun . How i can do it please help

There is many ways to achieve that

For my project I use Modular meshes. To set it up you’ll definetly have to experiment try and fails, unless you’re lucky.
Here roughly my workflow:

Creating the Assets:
1- Model your character
2- Skin to a Skeleton
3- make a proxy of your skin
4- Cut your model in pieces, ie: SM_Head, SM_Torso, SM_Legs, etc.
5- Attach each part to the whole skeleton separately
6- Reaply skin of each piece using the proxy

Exporting as FBX to UE4:
1- Select Head Mesh and Skeketon, export as SM_Head.FBX
2- Import SM_Head.FBX in UE4, create skeleton and physics Asset.
3- Select Torso Mesh and skeleton, export as SM_Torso.FBX
don’t create skeleton or physics asset here, browse to the one you created while importing the head
4- Do the same as Torso for the others parts.

Setting up in BP:
1- Creete your BP_Character
2- Add as many SkeletalMesh Components as you need (ie: head, torso and all your pieces)
3- In ConstructionScript tab add the nodes:

MasterBoneComponent : SM_Head
Target: Plug here all the pieces.

The Targets will use the AnimBP set on The MasterBoneComponent (here SM_Head).

From there you can change the meshes anytime with the node Set SkeletalMesh

Hope it Helps!

How i can make a proxy of my skin or what do you mean with it ? May you explain that please ?