Confused about modelling - external apps or not?


I am totally newbie in Unreal Engine, but I’d like to learn it. I made some simple house using UE elements (boxes, textures etc), but I’d like to know, can I save it somehow as a prop (or asset or whichever model it should be called)? If so, how?

I tried to make a simple house also on a Blender and I could export it to UE, but I like UE user interface much more, so I’d like to create my game elements with it (different kind of houses etc). Now I am still very confused - can I somehow select all the different parts of my house which I made in UE and make them as a one object/prop which I could easily just drop to the new project?

Or should I just create all my houses with external editor and import them to UE? Is it better workflow in general to create all elements (houses, cars etc) in external app? Or which way is preferred? If external, why and when these tools (boxes, cones etc.) could be handy then?

Hopefully you got the idea what I try to explain, I am quite confused with these terms still :slight_smile: