COND_CUSTOM - PreReplication - How is it working?


I want to share the Life between all actors that are in the same team.

As of today, my life property is managed with COND_OwnerOnly, I want to change to COND_CUSTOM and manage the replication within PreReplication.
But, I don’t know how to determine to “who” the data will be sent in PreReplication to know if I should replicate it or not.

Thanks for your help,

Am also looking for more info on conditional replication.
I have not found much in the docs, do you have some links to any resources?

no, I just found that you can use PreReplication Function to force a replication. But I didn’t get anymore information.
Still looking for it.

You want to set the properties condition to COND_None so that both the owner of the actor and remote clients receive the life property whenever it updates, it doesn’t matter if they are on the same team or not.

Sorry but I don’t want to have the value on client of other team at all. Otherwise you are open to cheating.

More, My case is a example of what we can do with COND_CUSTOM and it could be great to exactly know how we can deal with it.

It is said in the replication Blog post for COND_CUSTOM:
“The one caveat is that this is per actor, NOT per connection.”

So I think this is why I can’t move forward on this… This is not possible by design.

Thanks for mentioning the blog mate just what i was looking for.
I think this should get us started on conditions, cheers!