Concerned about performance when spawning too many actors into world

Not sure if this is the best sub for this problem, but I am using blueprints to do this.

So I am making a game that has building mechanics similar to what you would see in games like rust or ark. However, due to the mechanics of the game the player will be spawning in about 20 actors or so per “wall” that they place. I am worried that once there is thousands and thousands of actors in the world that I will start seeing some performance issues… Just looking for advice on how to optimize something like this. Should the actors be instanced, or once they are placed can they be added to the other meshes to make a single one, or something else? Hope this makes sense.

I am doing the same thing, I assume you mean static meshes and not actual actors right? I am doing a similar thing for snapping walls etc. Since they will be invisible, I don’t think there is gonna be much of a performance issue, but I could be wrong.

Actor class, but yeah really they are just a static mesh. But all of them have their own collision and with so many collision items I assume there will be some performance issues. I spawn a ton of such actors and it dropped my frames down to 20hz on a GTX1070.

Probably want to look into instanced static meshes, this will reduce the number of draw calls