Composure - Anti-Aliasing for Mattes

Hi guys,

I work a lot with the sequencer in Unreal and the Composure feature is really a lifesaver - almost.
I need to make a lot of b/w mattes and to use them they need to be Anti-Aliasing bu I can’t find a option for this.

In the past we tried to use custom stencils and by setting these to pre tonemapped the mask got some AA.
But it seems with composure it seems this does not work at all - or I missed a checkbox.

So - how do you make these mattes useable?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hey I had the same issue on a matte, but found out I can get an anti-aliased alpha from a cg-element using the ’ Enable alpha channel support in post processing’ in the project settings.

From documentation - “For your CG renders to have the proper opacity for compositing, you will need to set Enable alpha channel support in post processing to Linear color space only enable in project settings”

Not sure if that helps but it might. good luck.