component properties not show in details panel

Hi guys somebody could help me, I create this component, but when I try to access the properties with EditAnywhere, shows nothing, what I’ve do wrong?

void ACharacterPlayer::SetSpheres()
	float SphereRadius = 15.0f;
	FName CollisionProfileName = TEXT("Pawn");

	USkeletalMeshComponent* SkMesh = this->GetMesh();	

	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = "Variable")
	FName LSphereName = TEXT("LSphereName");

	USphereComponent* LHandHitSphere = CreateDefaultSubobject<USphereComponent>(LSphereName);

	LHandHitSphere->SetupAttachment(SkMesh, "L_Socket");



Hi Juca, use this UPROPERTY(Category = “mycomp”, VisibleDefaultsOnly)

EDIT: I didnt read your code, man UPROPERTY is only for your declarations in the header file, , see how it works Properties | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks ZkarmaKun for your time, but was my mistake, if I pass by reference, the properties go ok. Thanks again!