ComplexAsSimple landscape collision and runtime get/set possible?

Can a mesh with “Use Complex Collision As Simple” collide with a landscape ?

In the docs, it says that ComplexAsSimple means “you can use it to collide with other simulated (simple) objects.”

Does that mean that static objects like the landscape cannot collide with ComplexAsSimple objects ?

I’ve been trying to achieve collision between them, by moving the mesh with AddLocalOffset, but the mesh just passes through the landscape.

I’m using the BlockAll collision preset on both the mesh and the landscape.

The sweep option on AddLocalOffset doesn’t result with any hits.

Also, is it possible to get or set the collision complexity of a mesh in blueprint at runtime ?

For example if I wanted to know whether a mesh has ComplexAsSimple collision complexity before I apply forces and get the inevitable error at runtime.

I can’t seem to find the nodes that might expose this functionality…