Complex "pause" menu

Most of the pause menus in tutorials are basic affairs with a few UMG widgets to quit or continue. I want to have a much richer system where you have an alternative 3D view (of a world map, or a tech tree). How do you go about settings something like that up? Is this another level / game mode / ???

Something like this? [UE4] 3D Main Menus - YouTube
You would have to do that outside UMG with static meshes.

Here’s how to do the basic view:

  • Create level
  • Create a pawn with just a camera inside it
  • Drag the pawn into the world and set Auto Possess Player: Player 0

Hope this helped, cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi Derzo, yeah that’s sorta where I’m going. My game currently has no possessed pawns - it’s sort of an RPG where I am controlling multiple characters indirectly through menu commands. When you say “Create level”, do you mean a new level for the menu?