Complex AI

Hi every one!

So… My question for today is very complex. It is AI and navigation in general. I am kind of new in game development, but I want to learn how to create complex AI, so it can find hide spot or cover, or be able bypass the player from the back. I searched for good tutorials on this topic but most of them explained how to find random point at location, or how to use “eqs”, but none of them explained how to make custom path finding. Best I could find was Rama’s tutorial “AI Navigation in C++, Customize Path Following Every Tick”. But it is not tutorial for beginners, I still don’t understand what is Navigation Data or how to use it, what actually I can do with Path following component or how to find NavMesh edges, and else. My teachers from school always sais “If you want explain something to someone, try to explain like this someone stupid as f#ck”. Rama made a great work with his tutorial, but I still don’t understand how I can use ANavigationData or TileBounds. So, my friends, if you can, please, explain me, like I am the stupidest man in the world, step by step, and give some examples. Or just give some good tutorials on this topic. Even if this will not help me, it can help someone in future. And don’t be shy. Even if you see someone already gave tutorial, and you have material on the same topic still post it.

P.S. First of all thank you in advance. Any information will be usefull.
Second of all, I want to apologise if I made some grammatical mistakes. English is not my strongest language.
Waiting for your respond.