Completed UE3 game to UE4 (just to make Android version for publisher)?

So my latest game, Dream Revenant, soon to be released by a major publisher if all goes as planned, has begun making news and was just named one of the top 5 upcoming mobile games at pocketgamer France:

The pressure is on, but there’s a major snag I am hoping you all might be able to help with:

My publisher has contracted me to create both an iOS and Android version of Dream Revenant. I built the game in UE3, of course (having been working on it for nearly a year) with the understanding that Android support would soon be available. Having submitted the iOS version to my publisher, I downloaded UE4 in order to create the Android version only to find that everything’s changed completely and nothing I’ve created so far (apart from raw assets) can be opened or imported into UE4.

SO: am I correct in assuming that I am stuck learning an entirely new programming language (no Kismet support in UE4), completely reassembling all the levels piece by piece and reprogramming the whole game from the ground up? Obviously, this means months of work just to recreate what I thought was finished, just to publish the Android version.

Or is there some way to perhaps get the new Android-publishable Front End to publish my old .udk levels? In short, I am having a hard time accepting that I need to completely rebuild everything just to publish an already completed game for the Android market.

Contact Epic licensing, you can probably work something out to release a UDK version on Anrdoid–for people that have a project that’s pretty much ready to go and can manage trying to get it to perform well on Android they will probably work with you.

Thanks Darth. I am indeed in contact with Epic. We shall see what happens.

Ajvnd, I began this game well before the release of UE4, and never did it occur to me that UE4 would be entirely incompatible with any other Unreal-based game. Had I known, I simply would not have suggested an Android version to my publisher.