Complete newbie to UE4 looking for mentor to spend short time explaining basics

I’m totally new to UE4, I would be incredibly grateful if someone knowledgeable was willing to spend a little time over skype or teamviewer or something and educate me on answering a couple
of the very basic questions that I have.

These questions and demonstrating how to edit thing should be very easy, but I have spent way too many hours myself now attempting to edit the base templates and watch tutorial videos and reading documentation and I am still confused as all hell and cannot accomplish the very first thing I want to demonstrate.

I am good programmer with a degree (but minimal c++ experience), and I’ve written some extremely 500 line code games before myself, but never a 3d game and never with a game engine. I think if I actually had someone to just educate me in like 30 minutes I would have the answer to everything I want.

All I want to demonstrate are the most basic of basic concepts of a 3rd person real time jrpg. Just you’re the 3rd person character, and all I want is NPC’s to interact with and enemies that spawn that you interact with by fighting. Very basic stuff. Would anyone please help me