Compiling Shaders take some time to load and CPU go nuts...

Short story.

I did create new project with standard TPS template just to see and test characters from Paragon. And when I load map sample lets say with hero Shinbi my CPU i7 6700k go up to 100% and after few sec it loads a bit while compiling shaders.

My PC Specs:

Windows 10
SSD Samsung 960 EVO i7 6700k
GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB GDDR5X

I`v notice that with 4.19 a lot of things load much longer. Maybe is there is some issue with some setting?

That sounds normal, especially if you’re loading Paragon assets.

Paragon characters use a lot of shaders as well they have more then 50k polygons. I still wonder if there is a possibility to change some things to make it work more smooth on editor side. Im thinking to change my i7 to something else. Maybe for i5 8400k.