Compile project without VS

In short, I want my artists to be able to compile the project without needing to downloading VS.

I guess that for that they would have to download MSVC and somehow change the MSVC path UBT uses to build the project.

Any ideas?

That’s not a thing you can do. There is no need for the artists to compile the project at all though, you can just submit the binaries to source control, or if you’re using a custom engine, make an installed build.

The Binaries folder is big (2.5GB for a small project) and I really don’t like the idea of putting it in our repo. It would make uploading a commit take a (very) long time. We could adopt an internal release workflow, where every once in a while devs commit a build to a branch, but I also don’t quite like this…


For sure, the thought of building the engine locally and waiting for it to upload at 1-5 Mbps which much of the world is stuck at isn’t appealing… I wonder if the advice about using Source-Control for binaries is coming from someone living in places like Norway / Sweden / South-Korea etc, or has access to corporate infrastructure etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes an interesting case study though regarding utilizing off-peak Cloud infrastructure… I wonder if Amazon offer custom builds ‘in the cloud’ for Lumberyard users?! I’d happily pay an operator to build Unreal-Engine in a data-center to solve the Split-Screen Bloom issue right now. The build could be shared ‘in bulk’ to help keep costs down…

You don’t need all of these binaries, just the files in Project/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-* excluding *.pdb should be enough. They are usually quite small.

Of course, with a custom engine build, this becomes much more of an issue…

Oh, nice. I didn’t know you only needed the .dll files (and that they’re so small, 45MB here). Now the idea of adopting that “internal release” workflow seems much better (committing the .dll files on every single commit is going to pollute the commits when viewing them in GitHub).

If someone else knows how to allow the artists to build the project it’d be very awesome. Meanwhile, I think I’ll be using that “internal release” workflow.

Thanks, @Zeblote.