Compile Error with strongly typed enums

Compile ERROR: Missing ‘{’ in ‘Enum’

enum class GreekAlphabet : TCHAR
		_ALPHA_ = 'Α'		UMETA(DisplayName="Alpha"),
		_BETA_ = 'Β'		UMETA(DisplayName="Beta"),
		_GAMMA_ = 'Γ'		UMETA(DisplayName="Gamma"),
		_DELTA_ = 'Δ'		UMETA(DisplayName="Delta"),
		_EPSILON_ = 'Ε' 	UMETA(DisplayName="Epsilon"),
		_ZETA_ = 'Ζ'		UMETA(DisplayName="Zeta"),


		_CHI_ = 'Χ'		UMETA(DisplayName="Chi"),
		_PSI_ = 'Ψ'		UMETA(DisplayName="Psi"),
		_OMEGA_ = 'Ω'		UMETA(DisplayName="Omega")

Seems like the strongly typed enums are not working properly…

Edit: found this question… has anyone found a resolution?? I’m using 4.4.3

I believe it is supported in 4.5, you can grab the preview to try it