[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

man thats just beautiful, it always amazes me what people accomplish world building…

I actually just realized that myself, the activity on it has been nada… Hope real life hasn’t made it impossible, it’d be a shame to see such a great plugin die out. I am debating whether or not to downgrade back to 4.12.5, I jumped the gun and upgraded to 4.13 before realizing I should check this plugin for an update. But this system is so irreplaceable Ill go back to 4.12.5 and stay there on my mmo until its done lol…

I hope that they release a 4.13 soon.


cascade256 already compiled the plugin for 4.13 on his branch.
Hope for an official update with his work.

Here is the link:


Nice. Thank you!

Man, I could kiss you for this link. And thanks cascade! You are a life saver.

when improvements will be available?

I’m seeing the same behavior (using UE 4.12.5).

It seems that some objects reflect against the Water, while others do not generate a reflection at all.

I’m not sure how the reflections are calculated -
- Why do some objects (Boat,Trees) create reflections while others (Buoy, Rocks) do not?

I’m also curious to know if any depth sorting is calculated in to prevent objects located at a shallower Z-buffer depth then the ocean plain from being excluded from the reflection calculation.

Re: Reflection of Objects near the ocean surface (for example: Trees from the KiteDemo)

BTW, the Ocean Project is a OUTSTANDING! Easily the best plugin available for UE4

Hello guys,
i need your help, because i’m using your pack in my project, but when i try to compile i receveive this error:

someone can help me? i mean, i just would know of it’s normal or i need to fix it.


You didn’t rename your project correctly, or at least the [ProjectName].Target.cs and [ProjectName]Editor.Target.cs

thenk you so much, i will try

Is it alright if I use this in a game that I am currently working on?

@Necavare - You can use it.

@DotCam & @TK-Master
Are you still working on this project? Or are there any problems?
Maybe you should include a Donation Button or open up a Crowdfunding platform?

Getting some money for this awesome project could motivate a lot.


Heck i’d pay $50 for it on the marketplace if it meant I didn’t have to install this stuff manually in such a messy manor.

I’ve installed the plugins and moved all the content from the oceanproject to my own. Loading up the maps works fine and everything looks good. However, If I try and move all the loose oceanproject folders to a new subfolder (to keep my project clean) everything breaks. How can I move folders into other folders within the editor so as to not break everything? it’s driving me nuts. Many thanks in advance.

Hey RedSaturnSix. I was able to implement this in my project by following these steps in this exact order:

  1. Add plugin to project. I just copied the plugin files into my project’s plugin folder. It should be a sibling to the Content folder in your projects root directory.
  2. Restart the editor.
  3. Migrate the OceanProject assets DIRECTLY to your Content folder root. YOU MUST migrate the assets straight into the Content folder. If you attempt to migrate into a sub folder of content, it will likely cause issues.
  4. Once the migration is complete, you should now be able to drag the newly migrated assets to whatever subfolder you wish them to permanently reside.
  5. Once the assets are moved to your desired subfolder, right click on the Content folder in the editor content browser. Select “Fix Redirectors”.
  6. Now you should be able to freely use the assets in any scene or map.

Let me know if I can help further! Good luck! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That was the most helpful comment ever man. Love you.

when it will be available the new version 4.13 ?

for this plugin,
Can i change wave/surface in runtime?
I tried change wave length variable when playing in editor, but it was not work.
And also, base on existing code to modify, is it possible to create multiple area for the ocean? For example, the wave’s length is 10000 in area 1, but the wave’s length is 5000 in area 2.
It is because I want to create an open world ocean game. thx!

Were you ever able to figure out why the large objects in front of the water were generating reflections? I’m having the same issue and haven’t had any luck troubleshooting it.

hi, great job on this! but how i can use the blueprint water onan other project… i’ve tried to migrate the bluepint for the water but i can’t find it in the other project where i migrated it. can someone help me? thanks!