[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

Did you set a reflection Sphere in there by any chance?

This is the type of water shader I’m looking for to add into my game project, Does this ocean shader come in blueprints and material nodes only so we can just install it
into our projects? I would prefer that, so I don’t have to mess around with C++ code to try to install it because I don’t know C++ code and half of these plugins I’m told require messing around with C++ code. and how much is this shader going to cost when its finished?

Hmm I don’t know how to use the community version of Visual Studio for compiling source code for the ocean project. All I know how to do is just migrate (if the engine version version supports the migration).

Yes on the ledge climbing project which I think was made with ver 4.8. I came up with Duplicate Function Errors on three blueprint nodes, that had no references to link to to show me where the error node is and it was checked on goto error node but I couldn’t fix this error.

The second project called GRABBLING HOOK Here’s the RESULTS I got after migration:

Only his Climb Wall function works. The Grabbling with the hook function won’t work because there are two blueprint node
errors in the action key area that controls the events for Grabbling with the hook and dropping off with Ctrl key.

I DO NOT KNOW how to fix these type of errors. These are the errors…

! Input action Event References unknown action ‘Fire’ for Inputaction Fire.
! Input action Event References unknown action ‘drop’ for Inputaction Drop.

I tired to fix it by deleting those two event nodes with the errors and adding custom event fire, custom event drop
that got rid of the error, and it then compiled ok but it didn’t get the guy grappling with the
hook so I have no idea how to get the grappling to work.

And what key are we supposed to use to get the hook to grab onto the building?

However, the procedural Sun Sky Project (moving the sun and moon across the sky from sunset to sunrise) that
migrated into my project with no blueprint problems at all.

The shader is ~718 instructions with static, 698 with only dynamic, 734 with shadowed translucency, and 68 vertex shader, all in all not that expensive a large amount purely in the gerstner equations

As for the C++, there really is no reason to go into the plugin unless you want to implement the gerstner equation differently. In fact I’ve modified all included plugins BESIDES the Ocean Manager simply because it does exactly what i need more efficiently than i can make it or try to improve on. The one thing i can say is if you plan on changing the gerstner equations in the shader you have to change them in the plugin, they work separately, the plugin uses the equations to calculate the height and the shader has the very same equations for displacement, so if you change the equations in the shader but not the plugin you’ll still be floating around in non existent waves.

As for the blueprint implementation, from what I’ve seen the Ocean Manager might be able to be recreated in BP, the only thing i would question is the LoadLandscapeHeightmap function
The rest of the plugins are quite a bit more simple to recreate in BP

Time Manager I’m also not sure about. Longs and Doubles aren’t accessible through BP, and i don’t think epic will make them accessible


Yes, go to github and find the old commits, some of the original ones. Be prepared for massive FPS drop and much lower quality and you’ll low things like the skydome, buoyancyforcecomponent, landscape modulation etc etc. Back then it was an ocean shader and a struct(FVector Loc, …) based buoyancy component.

You dont have to touch C++ for any plugins thats why they are called PLUG-INs. Only time is if a function gets notonly deprecated but removed from the API, but you’ll have 2+ engine versions giving you warnings to change something like the recent FMath::Floor() to FMath::FloorToInt() it evne says SOMEEFUNCTION() in file SOMEFILE.CPP Line 123 is depreacated. Please Replace with SOMENEWFUNCTION() or your code may not wokr in the future.

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The ledge climbing project I think your talking about (the one available on pirate sites) is from 4.8, the one on the marketpalce is updated constantly and works with verisons 4.5.x through 4.13.x-preview. I suggest you buy it if this is the case, pirated assets sometimes have bad references etc. did you drop it into your launcher vault cache (I cant say anymore).

To use Visual Studio Community 2015 Update 3 follow these steps
- Download
- Install (Check VisualC++ under languages and Windows8.1 SDK just to be safe)
- Run project

That error tells you exactly whats wrong, and its a warning not an error.

Verborisity warning != error

INPUT ACTION EVENT ‘Fire’ and ‘Drop’ were not found.

Project Settings -> Input -> Add new input action x 2
Call one Fire and set it to the left mouse button
Call one Drop and set it to the CTRL key

Bing bang boom. They are not a custom event they are an input action event (theres also an input axis event)

The code equivlent is

    GetPawn()->GetInputComoonent->BindAction("Fire", IE_Pressed, this, &AGrappleCharacter::FireGrapple); 
    GetPawn()->GetInputComoonent->BindAction("Drop", IE_Pressed, this, &AGrappleCharacter::DropGrapple); 



but: you’d stil have to set the input action in your settings.

What key do you use? You tell us, find the action “GrappleBuilding” or whatever input event your talking about and create a binding for it to ANY key.

I have no idea what the Procedural Sun Sky project is.

You have a bit to learn young grasshopper.

I looked into the main BP - found nothing. What i was looking for was a “enter” and “left” postprocess method and i didnt see one.

I guess, i should get right to the question ----> where is it located? What am i looking for? I have coppied the entire project folders over, loaded from MY game (the ocean testing map) and still, it doesnt work. Everything works except the missing “underwater effect”. The water drops all work perfectly, the water physics all work. What is it exactly that i am missing to get the under water postprocess working?

Shaders to your engine shader directory maybe. Ensure you have an underwater post process volume set to bendable asset m underwater inst 2 and bp underwater exists in your scene and copy the logic to check if player camera is below water height from the project any level bp.

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tozan, seriously. Take it somewhere else…

Hey, this would be excellent for my open world game! got a marketplace page or is it free to use in commercial projects?

Welcome GAmeCr3atrz.

First page of this thread… third post… Answers your question.

but commercially? (sorry, im a bit busy right now so im not reading a bunch)

I believe so, but, you might read the 44 pages to be certain.

I can’t quote the page the ok was on, but, I do believe I remember seeing that. The only certain way to be sure is to read the 44 pages. On the flip side, you get a lot of good info on the project… how to use it… set it up and so forth, as well as finding your answer.

First of all, holy moly this is awesome and thank you and everyone who worked on it so much for providing it.

Secondly, I’ve spent about 8 hours trying to develop an ocean water system that works similar to what you can see in this asset (photo below). The simple solution I came up with is use a transparent material with depth fade to create the foam on the shore effect. But the problem I’ve come across is I can’t have multiple world position offsets. What this means is I can’t have the shore have smooth water, while deeper into the ocean the waves be more rough.

Based on the asset here I see it can be accomplished, but I’m looking for a simpler solution for a more stylistic game. Is there any way to achieve this? Here’s an example of what I mean:

Thanks in advance for anyone that might know the solution.

Also, how do you handle off-screen reflections? Is that through the Planar Reflection?

Ocean plugin

hi all, thanks for the ‘Weather & Ocean Water Shader’, no words to describe your work.
I’m experiencing the same problem of CraigColby: ‘after packaging I get error that the plugin cannot be found’,

the Oceanplugin works perfectly in preview mode,
engine version is 4.12.5 ,
please, i need help to figure out how to fix this problem!

Question regarding the heightmap…what is the point of reference for it? It takes a 1024x1024 heightmap by default…does it map the 512,512 point to the origin of the BP_Ocean?

Trying to feed a dynamically generated heightmap from my procgen terrain into it.

4.13 is out :slight_smile: Any chance the bug that everything close to the ocean gets planar reflection will be fixed with this version? That would be great! Thanks for the awesome work guys!

upgrade to 4.13 please :smiley:

Ditto … upgrade to 4.13

Evening all. Using this in UE version 4.12.5 and I seem to have an odd bug.

I’m using this with a tiled world with “World Origin Rebasing” and I seem to get a rather large square of water that is completely flat. It just doesn’t appear to be affected by displacement.

As I move around the world, this flat area moves with me, due to the origin rebasing.

I’m not entirely sure. But could it be something to do with having no reference to a landscape? I don’t know how I would use a reference to a landscape as my world is made up of lots of landscape actors.

Any ideas whats going on? Cheers all! And keep up the great work!