[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

I love you DotCam. Superb work.

“Thanks guys! new version should be out very soon. :)”

Cant wait!!! Thx DotCam!!!

DotCam, I sent you the code to my BuoyancyMovementComponent. It allows you to add buoyancy to any BP without a base BP. It’s C++ though since we cannot create MovementComponents in BP yet.

Handkor! Good to see you bud!

Responded to your PM as well, but I will give this a try over the weekend and let you know how it goes, thank you very much for doing this! A BP only solution to this is proving to be exceedingly difficult, I wanted to try so it would be accessible to all, but the performance hit is too much.

Just an FYI for everyone reading this, this project would not have been possible without Handkor. For anyone wanting to know more about how this shader works I highly recommend watching his tutorials and checking out his thread on the topic, he explains in detail how and why it works, it was a huge help for me to understand it all. You can find more info on this here:

Thanks again Handkor! :slight_smile:

DotCam my good man, epic work you’ve done with this. i wonder, could i trouble you for a 4.4 compatible version? i’v played around with it on 4.5.1 and absolutely love it, my problem is, when i convert my project from 4.4 to 4.5.1 all my colors for my sky sphere get real messed up and i cannot reproduce it how i want it.

As far as licensing goes, Is there any fees, royalties, or agreements that we have to abide by if we want to use this in a commercial game? I ask because I want to use this on a project that will hopefully be completely or nearly complete in half a year and I don’t want to abuse you’re amazing contributions to the community.

There is absolutely no fees/royalties/agreements or anything else like that, it is completely free to use for anything.

One caveat is the Moon textures and the Milky Way night sky texture are downloaded from a website where they were labeled free to use in your project. I have not looked into it any further for commercial games, so to be safe I would make sure to replace these textures.

All other content was either from the free example games from the UE4 Launcher (Epic allows us to use these in commercial games) or were created by me, with Handkor providing some code as well (not yet released).

So there shouldn’t be any issues with this aside from those textures, but they can be replaced if you are using the sky blueprint as well.

To everyone else, I have been working at this as best I can, but have been going through a difficult time lately and haven’t been able to work on this as much as I would like. It is still in the works though, I hope to have an update very soon. Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:

As far as a 4.4.3 version goes, it is very difficult to do (needs to be recreated entirely). There are features in version 4.6 that will be necessary for further development of the shader, the biggest one being 128 texture sampler’s instead of 16 in 4.6. Since so many of the samplers are used by the engine itself, currently I can only use 6 textures in 4.5.1 and before. So I will be moving this to version 4.6 in the coming update, since most of the project is already in 4.5.1 it won’t be as difficult to back-port the parts I add in, but the shader will not be updated for the reason I mentioned.

Thanks everyone!

Keep up the good work. Take all the time you need, we understand. =)

Just came here to say It’s a very good job I’ve saw here.
Migration to my project was super easy (right click on Ocean folder -> migrate), and in just a drag n drop, it was functionnal.

Thanks !

It stopped working for me in the 4.7 preview. Is that expected?

Hey Crafty,

Unfortunately it is expected at this time, the root cause of this is a known issue in 4.7. This is from the 4.7 Preview page:

Right now MaterialParameterCollections just don’t work in 4.7. :confused: To get around that limitation would mean moving all of the 50+ parameters from the collection to the 2 material graphs as instance parameters, adding more set params to the blueprint for the 2nd material, replacing every set parameter in the blueprint, and other misc fixes… It would be quicker to start over really.

I am hoping this will be resolved for Preview #2 coming soon. It’s really not worth it to convert all of these parameters if it’s going to be fixed in the next version, so for now I am going to wait it out. I’ll let you know if I hear any updates on this though!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome Job DotCam! I hope the Team at Epic will get those 4.7 bugs dealt with quickly so that you can continue your work on this awesome project.

As well, thanks a lot for this contribution, it looks great and since water covers a bunch of the earth and we see it a lot, having more realistic water and simulation is important! :rolleyes:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very impresive, Im waiting for the “native” implementation for bouyanci on your project

Can’t wait for buoyancy! Great work!

Im having trouble with loading the OceanDemo. It stops at Initalizing (9%).
Heres my projectfolder-setup:

Which version of the engine are you trying to load it in? I created that project in version 4.5.1, but it will work in the newer versions as well. All you should need to do is UnZip it to a folder and run the shortcut.

If you can’t get the demo to work, try copying the ProjectName\Content\Ocean folder into a new project’s Content folder, then open the project. You should see the Ocean folder in the content browser, select it and then drag the “BP_OceanSystem” into your level.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That worked! Thanks :slight_smile: And this is the toonish-water I have tried to create for a couple of days:

Add in a skylight to your level, you will get a MUCH more realistic looking ocean, it allows for some reflections and increases the specularity. :slight_smile:

Here is what mine looks like with the above mentioned settings:


Does it look like your image after the shaders have been compiled or does it look more like the image I attached above? Once the shaders are compiled does it look better?


If you are going for a toon shader look then I guess you don’t want it too look super realistic…

You don’t even really need transparency if you are going for a toon syle look, I’ll test out some ideas on that soon and see if I can make a separate shader that works the same, but has a toon style look. Let me know if you need any help getting it to look just right, there are a lot of parameters to adjust which can make it confusing… So feel free to PM or add a post here anytime :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know the shaders arent compiled, I just took a screenshot to show the water I have tried to create the last week. Its this water Im trying to recreate with your system :slight_smile:
I also have a little problem: The water dissapears when I hit “play from here”. Im using the third-person template. The player spawns just fine and everything, but the water is gone.
EDIT: By the way, I subscribed to your thread :slight_smile: