[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

Maybe we can reduce the number of calculations in Blueprint by using a multiple Blueprint approach with some calculative C++, or just add more Blueprints to support the load on one of the blueprints. In C++ you perform the calculation needed for the Gerstner wave. But then pull variables created from the C++ into the blueprint.(Now I have seen you doing this already in C++ and using variables in the BP but I’m trying to think of a way to reduce the overall math in the one or more BP.) I run into the same frame rate issue when I attach my AI script to one Character BP. I instead have to make new Blueprints to reduce the number of functions on the one blueprint.

For instance the P(x,y,t)= [x+sum(QA *D.*cos(x,y) + pt)), y+sum(QA *D.*cos(x,y) + pt)), sum(A sin(x,y)+pt))] can be used In C++ to carry out some sort of background calculation and then pulled into the blueprint using created variables. Then we make a Calculation Blueprint that takes these variables and just calculates variables for use in other blueprints. It sounds like building more structure to the blueprint can help lower the load on the blueprint system for one or more of your blueprints. Let me know if this helps.

Or you can write everything in C++, compute shaders and provide blueprints as an interface solution :slight_smile:

Yeah, if it’s not 100% Blueprint then might as well keep the C++ I already have. At least now I know the impact of doing this in blueprint. I also ended up doing dome refactoring/simplifications when converting that I will apply to the C++.

Have you tried splitting up some of the Blueprint and using event dispatchers or even the blackboard system? I’m not against the idea for C++ if it lowers the frame rate, but maybe we are looking at using the blueprint system improperly for the scope of the project. Also sorry about the Kandkor, I corrected it in my video.

Wow, so it’s confirmed then. I thought I was doing something wrong when I used BP in the past with similar performance, that’s crazy!

For example I can’t imagine calculating FFT on blueprints for large (at least 512x512) displacement maps without killing performance completely. :slight_smile:

P.S. Do you have a list of programming tasks for your project?

Hey man, wasn’t able to make the last Siggraph, but hoping to go to the next! Funny how Canadians seem to be obsessed with water, eh? :wink:

As far as you project goes, please do what is best for you. I would love to have you work on this project as well but I don’t want to get in the way of your game whatsoever. So you do what is best for you okay? I totally understand either way. :slight_smile:

Looking good Avolanty! :slight_smile:

Looks like we won’t be going to blueprints only in the next version, there are some performance issues currently. I will be uploading a 4.7 version (and a new 4.6 version) asap though.

Well, we can make do with the C++ if Blueprint cant handle the math. I’m just glad its working for you guys. I would like the idea of a Blueprint version for Buoyancy but I would not want to sacrifice performance at the cost of nice Blueprint format.

Hey LUX,

That implementation is actually my own, and I will be releasing it to this project very soon, so sit tight :wink:

I tried Unity 5. Its nice compared to Unity 4 but it was CLEARLY rushed out the door the second they heard UE4 was going free. Its unpolished, unfinished, buggy, etc. and SLOW, the editor is fast I like Unity for that aspect, but the performance sucks I mean. A single cube on a plane with no HDR, no AA and highest detail settings otherwise with their global illumination (which is no better looking than UE4’s lighting so far) I was getting 66 fps! Before I would get nearly 200! In UE4 a similar setup nets me 110-130.

I’m willing to code some things in C++ once I start learning the UE API. Anything you need code wise just ask! Otherwise once I finally get my models ready and my co-founder up to speed on UE to start playing around on my project I’ll start making additions on a GitHub (or yours if you set it up soon).

Not to hijack the thread but does anyone have any game title ideas for our game? A cold war era submarine simulator like Silent Hunter 4&5 but vs Russia instead of Japan/Germany. Red Waters is the only thing I can think of. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I hope the 4.7.2 update doesnt break more things…

Here is the 100% Blueprint version for anyone to play with. I may have done something stupid which would explain the performance as this was done quickly last night. Performance aside though if anybody just needs a couple of actors to float, this solution is at least more portable.

Buoyancy 100% Blueprint Implementation

Thank you for your work and contribution. I will play with it this weekend with the submarine im finishing up if no one puts together any updated versions by then. Got the hull and sail done. Just need to model and animate the moving parts now.

For your project it would be worth changing the Test Points for buoyancy to a struct with the buoyancy factor applied at each point instead of globally. That way you could simulate ballast and leave the sub neutrally buoyant except at the ballast’s locations allowing you to control each one to sink or rise.

I am currently getting AI to work with the Buoyancy and I will also play with your Blueprint Buoyancy. 4.7 correct? If Nsomnia is interested I have Rigging and Animation experience and can easily get your model rigged and good to go for animation using Maya. Just ask and we can share the FBX :slight_smile: Or if you want enemy subs that patrol with the Buoyancy effect(not sure where your at with that) I can share my work. Nsomnia I notice your Sub is very high poly, are you making a movie, or a game? I feel like you can greatly reduce the amount of topology and improve performance by simplifying the mesh and it will still look just as good. Are you using back-face culling?

Hmm never thought about that. I’ve used various methods to “simulate” ballast and negative tanks (the negative tank is filled with water for a fast dive, and then blown full of air (water in the tank is equal to the weight required to keep her neutrally buoyant) so that the sub is just a tiny, tiny bit positively buoyant when submerged which the planes (the wings) compensate for with a tiny tiny bit of angle up to keep perfect depth).

Jotting that idea down. I’ve had issues in the past with Unity using the typical slice n dice and then raycast from the waters surface and apply force method before. Unless I set the center of mass really really low round hulled ships like to tip over in the smallest of waves.

I’m always looking for team-members but the moveable surfaces are static right now. They arn’t even properly modelled. Check out my github and thread in my siggy see if anything intrests you. I’ve taken on people for things I hate doing like character modelling for free or just a small 50 dollars in your pocket favor-payment but so far just me and some off-site coders and artists. [EMAIL=“”] skype blendertek or steam nsomnia if you do wanna talk. Yes, blender uses back-face culling by default, I own Maya but dont know how it works that way. And no I have not optomized it yet for ingame, it will be for cutscenes then I’m gonna cut down every quad I can to get it down a bit. Currently sitting at around 11k tris.

Current game status: nothing. I havn’t even begun to port my old U-boat work over from unity since its all in c# scripts. I want to start fresh with blueprinting and c++ as I’ve become a much better coder and developer since then. So far its just some models, some ideas, enough reference material to blow your head off and alot of free time, I’m in talks on a submarine game forum with a fellow member who might join me now that UE is free since he is a Unity guy and in regards to the grant I want the interior of the ship to be nearly like an arch-viz, video talks with the vetern crew members that have helped me etc.

Sorry about the off topic!

I sent and email to you Nsomnia at your and yes I would love to help you out on your project. I can first help you with the back-face culling in Maya, you have to search for the command in mel and then save it in your shelf for future use I believe there is a youtube video about it. Lets talk about Torpedoes. I recommend that you try another method besides a raycast. For me I use a targeting approach of using rotation and vectors to orientate and then if I need guidance after launch I continue to update the rotation under constant vector speed over a timer to make adjustments with dampening. Of course this would be using the fired projectile BP tool that you can adjust speeds of the actor fired. I feel like a particle effect of a simple torpedo model would work well to create the bubble trail and ripple reflection against the body of the torpedo would be enough. I have fired different types of particles in other videos I have created to give different effects and always wanted to make a slow moving one. Would you like me to create this for you, would take a few days to a week :slight_smile:

As far as knowing which target to chase for the torpedo we can go with a heat seeking idea using a trigger box that identifies the class and then determines the closest one in range, then call for its location in the projectiles BP adjust rotation etc. Since this was a U-boat era, I’m not sure if you just want blind torpedoes that fire off and stay below the surface of the water. This can be done if we know that desired Z value and I have done this to create the hover effect in my flying car.

Sorry I can go on and on about this stuff LOL.

Before we those kind’ve details we should discuss how we will setup our partnership (if any) it seems like you’ve done submarine games before, makes me curious. Anyways lets keep this to email/skype/steam so that this thread isnt off-topic any longer. Sorry dotty!

Alright I think it’s time this gets an update. I was hoping to get LOD working seamlessly first, but that will need to be patched in later.

Just started migrating assets to a blank project to reduce the project size, lot’s of unused assets in my master project I use for testing. I will upload a downloadable version here and upload it to GitHub as the master going forward.

So long as there are no issues I should have a download ready later today! Sorry (once again) for the delay… :slight_smile:

Great! Do you have github figured out? Are you going to make memberships available so people can submit bugs, and contributors can submit commits, if so are you going to have seperate branches as in one for your master release one for your working version and one for public additions? Are you going to allow the wiki public-editable? Once I get into your setup more I’d love to help keep the git-hub up to date.