[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

hey The Rift Keeper ,Thanks for answering,

it seems there was a compiling problem,
i just compiled my project (after updating Windows SDK, and reinstalling the 2015 Common Tools ) and and now the plugin packaging works ( if it helps, this could be a solution to “the plugin cannot be found” problem).

Hi guys, finally tested the plugin, and must say it is simply awesome!

Made a video

wow that looks awesome!

Yes… yes… it really is dope… Nice work

Tks, it´s amazing !

It is more than just good looking and well scripted. Its a very creative use.

Really love this water!
But for the weather it seems incomplete - is this still being continued i wonder?

standard bp settings , no need to change!:slight_smile:
once again many Thanks!


when it will be available the version 4.13 ?

I don’t know. Last update was 3 month ago

man thats just beautiful, it always amazes me what people accomplish world building…

I actually just realized that myself, the activity on it has been nada… Hope real life hasn’t made it impossible, it’d be a shame to see such a great plugin die out. I am debating whether or not to downgrade back to 4.12.5, I jumped the gun and upgraded to 4.13 before realizing I should check this plugin for an update. But this system is so irreplaceable Ill go back to 4.12.5 and stay there on my mmo until its done lol…

I hope that they release a 4.13 soon.


cascade256 already compiled the plugin for 4.13 on his branch.
Hope for an official update with his work.

Here is the link:


Nice. Thank you!

Man, I could kiss you for this link. And thanks cascade! You are a life saver.

when improvements will be available?

I’m seeing the same behavior (using UE 4.12.5).

It seems that some objects reflect against the Water, while others do not generate a reflection at all.

I’m not sure how the reflections are calculated -
- Why do some objects (Boat,Trees) create reflections while others (Buoy, Rocks) do not?

I’m also curious to know if any depth sorting is calculated in to prevent objects located at a shallower Z-buffer depth then the ocean plain from being excluded from the reflection calculation.

Re: Reflection of Objects near the ocean surface (for example: Trees from the KiteDemo)

BTW, the Ocean Project is a OUTSTANDING! Easily the best plugin available for UE4

Hello guys,
i need your help, because i’m using your pack in my project, but when i try to compile i receveive this error:

someone can help me? i mean, i just would know of it’s normal or i need to fix it.


You didn’t rename your project correctly, or at least the [ProjectName].Target.cs and [ProjectName]Editor.Target.cs