[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

Yay!! Glad it was of some help :D!

On Ubuntu I don’t see the water. In the log was something alike could not compile ocean material. Shader model 5 with opengl 4.3.
Any help? Thanks

Any chance on a 4.10 version?

Its running just fine on 4.10.2 for me.

UE 4.10.2 NOT WORKING - “oceanproject.dll - missing” error. Downloaded Visual studio with Common tools. Nothing works. Please help

I have some problems with this system when I set the waves to come to the beach , if player look at them from the front, waves get messy ! waves behind surface is shown and draw lines overlapping
it makes waves distorted. This problem occurs at very low altitudes and not from the top view

Liondog: Just compile the actual version, if you don’t have anything to do it, someone posted the binaries somewhere in the thread.

Yes works fine in 4.10.2 only on Ubuntu this UE bug:
I wonder who sets this to resolved.-
Anyway by the time I have my stuff done I should be able to use Vulkan. So I work on Windows and only compile the final for SteamOS.
Love the water.

I’m working on using the experimental sky for a year, month, day, hour, minute clock so that I can do time compression, I only re-started my subsim from scratch a few days ago I’ll post the blueprint on when I get it done. Still learning as much c++ as I can at the same time, it seems like unreals API is sooo much more complex than learning c++ on its own, Java I have no issues with but Unreals c++ is tough with all the macros and constructors and headers syntax. for progress and downloads.

Edit: Get well soon DC!

Anyone looked into minimaps? Most minimaps require a landscape to use as the background for a scenecapture2d bp. I can apply the ocean material to a large landscape but it kills the fps from 80 down to like 5. Gonna try to edit it to use the ocean mesh and see where I get butit may require what that one game did for the “off the deep end” game jam twitch video where they edited the landscape in the engine source code to be used for oceans.

Looks amazing! Just saw it on Pic of the day in Epic’s Games Launcher.

Keep up the AWESOME work.

Curious as to where you got the ship assets?

I have an interesting question for you, how does one go about making sure the gerstner waves are always flowing towards you, based on camera position? That’d pretty much MAKE this shader. Also, if there’s some sort of way to make the waves crash into objects, without just dissipating, for say… a rough ocean storm or something? I’d really appreciate it.

Ship assets are on turbosquid I believe, Or maybe it is just a coincidence, but I went ahead and bought the higher LOD of it.

Maths lots of it not easy. I’m trying to compile all the community/OS/papers on water simulation and port them to the ue4 API I can and its not easy to do anything more than what DC and TK have done… which is hard in its own right
Edit: I’m also going to work on/rewrite parts of/improve on DC’s sky setup to make a clock with time compression in any free time today.

I have latitude and longitude changing depending where you travel its pretty nice will post that when I get time cause its ea

Edit2: Didnt realize dotcam already did all the hard work.

Heres a slight improvment formatted, if you prefer it. If anyone needs the BP let me know ill post it to

I setup time compression as well if anyone needs it, its very easy to setup.

Installed Unity for the first time in a while today, gonna try to port any features I can find over there to the project in my fork and see if DC wants to merge it. Once I get my UE4 api skills and cpp skills up to par with my Uni Java skills I’ll be making major developments particularly in simulations and underwater regards.

thanks so much for everything you are doing

Thank you very much


I’d definitely be interested, I am so busy with another non-UE4 work project my time is limited but I’ve been watching this with keen interest as well as your sub-sim Nsomnia. It’s looking great! I’m in the story-boarding/initial phases of a cinematic WW2 recreation piece regarding Force-Z so this project is going to save me countless days on that end and I’m hoping I’ll be able to push back some art/asset improvements once I get further along.

One question I have is there a way to increase the range of the Gestner waves effect, I’m dealing with really large ships and the radius of the effect doesn’t really even cover the whole ship. I could potentially shrink the ships and all the other assets but I’d prefer to avoid this. I was planning to go looking into this, but time is a short and valuable quantity for me these days, any one able to point me where to look?

One last thing of note, the main repository seems to be falling behind, is it still being maintained, it would be nice to see the efforts of various others getting combined into one repository again, things are looking a bit fragmented, and it would be nice simplify things by having one place where improvements can be pushed/merged.

I’ve been poking into ways to mask the ocean so I could build full ships and use them instead of teleporting the player to the interior hidden way in the sky

This project says it has a mask effect for hiding water in boat meshes. This week i’ll be pouring through that, scrawks old ocean setups, and suimono in unity to see if theres nything that would be very easy to port over with my limited knowledge of the ue4 API for practice.

Really hope you get well soon dude. x

A whole weeks work blueprinting up a submarine again lost, now its just spazzing out after I recompiled with victory plugin and organized components with scene components. Ugh unreal.

Edit: Thought it might ave been after enabling physics sub stepping but nope no go. Word of warning build your own pawn dont modify BP_Boat

So sorry if this is asked and answered in one of the 28 pages. I’ve been looking into the blueprints in the game trying to find where the calculations for the buoyancy are. I found in the Oceans folder there’s an “Old” folder and I see some applied forces in there for buoyancy stuff, but I don’t think that’s everything.

Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction as to where all the buoyancy calculations are happening? Thanks so much! BTW this whole project is amazing! I love messing around with the ships!