Community Planet Creation: Research/Help

Hello Everyone,

I’m really thankful for your responses. I’m really impressed with how many people in the community came to join this conversation.
I may be late to the show but this should hopefully resurrect this post once again.

I have tried making a planet before this mess with blender. I personally enjoyed its looks and details but as many of you can assume, it was a memory vacuum. Although my system specs may not be impressive they are a helpful tool in which I could use for the creation of a simple game or demo. As such this big project is (no pun intended) me shooting for the stars, and as we can all see many want this, and want this soon.

Here is the planet:
This one is just supposed to be a volcano, but as you can see it seems a bit less detailed and that’s not my interest, I’m looking for semi-realism/realism.

This one is the orbit and as you can see contains canyons/valleys and divots:

I myself am being impatient about this project but putting it aside and coming back to it after months wont help. I will be more active here since I want to make sure I can provide you guys with updates.

As many of you have produced a few long written replies its best that I respond to all of you. I have and am reading/looking into what everyone has submitted. I have finally decided its time for me to get back to work on this and not stop or put it aside.

Thanks to all of you who have replied, even if you just checked in, it helps this grow outwards into a big project by the community not just one person showing off.