Community/Open Source Game

Hi Unreal Engine Community Members,

I was thinking as a community we can release a free to play game which is created by the community. We could make a open source/community project which anyone who wants can work on, in return you get credits. I know this idea has already been done roughly 2 years ago and I think we should do it again. The community gets to decide the type of game we should make by creating polls, at one point of time we could even start doing meetings through Skype, teamspeak or even discord. This will be a full community game managed and even developed by the unreal engine community.

My name is Nisarg, I am new to game development and just getting my feet wet, many people may be wondering why I want to do this if I have no prior experience with the engine or game development in general. I want to do this to gain experience and push myself to learn faster. I believe the best way to learn swimming is to just jump in a lake. I want have done quite a bit of web development prior to this. One of the organization I worked for is Drag2Death. I have taught myself a lot of useful skills and I believe I can teach myself game development as well.

The project will be on GitHub, anyone can pull or push commits with a request. The game could either be put on Steam or I could make a website where people can download the game with forums and support included. I would like to know what you guys think about this idea and whether we should go for it or not.