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Haha, sounds great mate! I shall try and contribute whatever I can find. Just a suggestion though, as this thread may (or may not) end up having several pages it would make sense for a game dev to look at the first post rather than scroll through numerous pages to find the resources, let alone the non topic related discussions, so if you can keep updating the first post with all the new additions it will be awesome. If its too much work then not an issue, I guess people shouldn’t complain when they get free stuff and can put in a little effort to look through it. :wink:

Good point but I’m far too busy (lazy) to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

a couple of good audio things - Audacity, a free audio editor an awesome online sound effect generator

if you want I could merge all 5 posts with links into to first one or copy/paste them into the first post, probably better to just copy/paste as merging them all would make the rest of the thread unreadable;)

Smokey to the rescue~

Thanks Smokey, by all means go for it, it would definitely be useful. :smiley:

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I’ve posted this in one of my WIP threads before but i’ll post here as well: 99Sounds

A ton of high quality sound fx collections.


I would like to add one of my favorites
Meshlab it is a 3d modeling program ,I use it a lot for decimating (polygon reduction),
here is the link try it, you won’t regret it
and here is a tutorial for decimating


I split it into sections as well, hope that’s ok.

Brilliant!! Thanks Smokey! :smiley:

Purpleprint Kit: (Models, Textures, Materials, Scenes)

Some more resources like opengameart (not sure about commercial use, but handy assets for learning):

Ikwebanimate is not free by any stretch of the imagination thus you are doing FREE advertising for them by using FREE as a plug for their paid service.

Free is being highly misused now days. English is pretty straight forward which is why it is often referred to as the International business language. Some of these links link to subscriptions (promising free trail which means demo not free) others make you sign up only to realize their “Free Models” are not actually worth a ****… Using the term free for a marketing scam pretty much is the same thing as saying “Moral serial killer”…

Hi Drixil, I have just had a look on their site and they claim it is free (in browser) See here or am I missing something? Also, please let me know which of the links are not free but subscription services and I will remove them or place a note saying it is a trial.

On a separate note, I have added all the new additions to the original post at the top of the thread (thanks guys!! :D).

And to be clear, I’m not attempting to plug any service at all, I just thought it would be nice if people could share resources that you don’t need to pay for (free) with the community as we all know how expensive it can get when making a game.

Drixil, check out the rest of the post or do a little bit of research first before accusing somebody who is doing a good favor for the community. Not all of us have a team, the skills or the money for paid resources but we still have a passion and drive and continue to work hard to achieve it. That’s the only reason for this post nothing more. Secondly, webanimate is free to animate your models if you use the web browser and correct me if I’m wrong but you’re allowed up to 10 exports per week, which is pretty epic considering it would take you atleast MINIMUM 2 days to animate something that looks decently good which means 5 exports a week. It is pretty powerful and as DotCam, who’s an unreal forum moderator with 1.3k++ posts and probably waaaaaaaaaay more experience than you and me have combined said… it is free. I hope that sorts it all out mate. Now lets not turn this into any form of heat or accusation, we don’t want this good thread getting closed innit. Cheers. :wink:

Found a blog where the dude offers a bunch of different Models, Materials and music. Along with this he also has a couple tutorials where he lets you download his files for free:

All credits to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Free foliage meshes, taken from Fighter’s post, all credits to him.

Free launcher for your games. All credits to Jargon and his post.

Free dynamic UMG crosshair asset. All credits to Osman and his post.

Free textures and models etc (over 300 textures) All credits to redpoly and his post.

Free textures. All credits go to omarchelos.

Free audio by dneproman. Links are scatter all around the post, will have to look through different posts to find them all.

Free enemy AI blueprint. Pretty useful for testing purposes till you want to refine your game. All credits to Mhousse1247

Free basic network UMG menu. Host/join Blueprint. All credits to SaxonRah and his post.!

Free back end inventory setup blueprint.

Tree It: a free tree generator, very easy to use, featuring really simple LOD model creation:
(Exports to *.dbo *.obj *.x .)
I use it for making low poly vegetation models. Proper conversion is needed from .dbo or .x to keep normals (.obj does not keep them).