Community Free Content: Mega Foliage

So a while a go the user Nopal3d relaesed a MEGA Foliage pack in the community Free Content area, but then sudden… the Thread was removed and no where to be found.

So the assets are amazing not to say epic, but there is nothing said about the licensing… and its definitly not from the marketplace either…

The assets are amazing but im not sure about the rights on it now… tho to the thread was deleted…

So what actually happend to them after? And can i use them?

I talked to a mod and he told me who to contact. I have to wait for an answer now :slight_smile:

This isnt solved but Answered. :slight_smile:

Filly_The_Owl: What was answer? i would be interested too as i still have old forum thread screenshot and foliage files too. I assume everything is same for those who already downloaded back then. Forum post time was 03.28.2015