communication between hud bp and class/level bp


A simple but urgent question from a newbie:

I have a couple of sliders in the hud, and I have a simple skeletal mesh (bp controlled) actor in the level. I want to build a connection from the hud sliders to the actor, to control it´s morph target strengths.

The problem is that I can´t find a way to make the referencing work and I haven´t found a solution in any tutorials. I´ve tried straight referencing and casting so far, both in class bp and level bp. I can build the hud ok, and the morph targets are working fine in the class pb. Just can´t pass the data from hud pb to class pb.

What is the proper way to do that, and should I have it in class pb or level pb?



Here is a solution
Create a reference to your actor in you widgetBP
In level blueprint When you create your widget and before you add it to viewport set your reference to the actor you have in the level