Communication between game and external programs

Hello All

My question consists several aspects all affecting the same area. How the communication works from ingame (after game is built and playable) to external sources/programs.

  1. I want to add a button to open external programs, as example on button clicked Skype opens.
    2a. I also want to read in real time data (from programs/internet pages/excel sheets/scripts) to visualize them inside the game.
    2b. Also the opposite around, read ingame data to use them in external programs.
  2. Use the smart phone as controller for playing the game.

I searched quite some time but did not find anything around this topic. Any help with examples is appreciated.

Thank you very much

“Actually I expected that I had to ask this question in the answerhub “Communication between game and external programs - UE4 AnswerHub” but as I did not get an answer since 9 days I hope somebody can help me here.”