Common Knowledge or Missing Information in regards to Skeletal Meshes in Unreal

Hey Guys!

I have been working on a Indi project with a team consisting of me, myself and I. My main background is programming (C# / C++ and Java) so when I got to the point of having to do some animation stuff I ran into a few road blocks. NOw this might be common knowledge but I thought it might help other new-comers like myself.

When you export your skeletal mesh out of Maya and I would assume blender would be the same but can not confirm.

You need to use the following hierarchy in order for unreal to be happy. Now once again id like to state that this is just my personal experience and was the only way I got some success.

in your outliner you want the following:

  • SkellyMeshOfSomeSorts

    • Root (your skeleton root)

      • Pelvis (and here the rest of your skeleton bone hierarchy)

if you do not parent and order it like this then it seems like Unreal does not find the skeleton. I might be missing something but this is how I got it to work.

Also before you select your mesh and skeleton for export. NB to clear all history. Or you will get some weird results.