Commented Blueprint Examples

So I’m caught in that middle ground where I know enough to see the direction I’m heading in but the path through is a fun house full of mirrors.

All of the examples I’ve been able to find show the result, which is often an abstract object with an effect on it, and a blueprint/materials graph filled with nodes that have no explanation as to what they’re doing or how they relate to one another. It’s possible to tease out what’s happening but that requires casing down each node’s reference on the wiki, getting the technical overview of what it does, and then chasing that down on the answer board in the hope that someone has translated the node and provided a real world example of it’s use. It really puts the breaks on forward momentum as I try and process the technicality of how each bit talks to the other parts and why it’s done that way and not in some other fashion.

Does anyone know of any blueprints where each node has a comment explaining

  1. What each node is as a concept
  2. Why a given node would be used
  3. An explanation to the effect of the node’s it’s affecting or being affected by
  4. Examples of effects that it’s been used to produce.

If this is an idiot question, please let me know. I’m very serious, if this is happening in the blueprint example maps and I was just too stupid to find any of it then I deserve to be hung out publicly.

If not though, and someone knows where I could find something like this, I would REALLY appreciate a link!