Comment Here if you think the Camera System in UE4 is AWFUL compared to other 3D engines

I could go on a rant about how bad and counter-intuitively complicated it is, but I won’t.
I really believe Epic genuinely believes it has a good cinematic camera system, so I think their intention is good, and I applaud them for their intention.

But, if you could imagine UE4 having a simpler more functional cinematic camera system akin to any other 3D engine, list it here so they can see.
Because, quite frankly, they likely don’t otherwise have the capability or capacity to know that anything should be done to improve it at all.

  1. the Render Movie Settings has NO WAY to declare which camera it is rendering from:
    I don’t know how many times a camera will record, in sequence recorder, one thing, but then when it is rendered, from that same sequencer, it does not match what is showing in the sequencer’s timeline at all.
    It is because here the renderer is likely approximating, as opposed to being told, “Link to camera-x”

Epic will see this as perfectly normal anomaly, dealt with via workarounds. This is a counter-intuitive NIGHTMARE for production.