Command prompt through UE4

Hello everyone!

I was curious if there was a way to open the command prompt through UE4 C++ without the game pausing when it is open? I was simply using this

void ADerpPlayerController::BeginPlay()

	system("command line stuff");

but for some reason, like i said before when using the system function, it pauses the game when the command prompt shows up.

I’m using the command prompt for a java plugin to start up when the game opens. I can make it work if i ran the command prompt separately from the game, but i want it to run upon starting the game without having to open command prompt in windows.


Solved my own problem!! went to THIS link here to figure this out

essentially it was this

FPlatformProcess::CreateProc(TEXT("C:\\Users\\Cero\\Desktop\\Test.exe"), nullptr, true, false, false, nullptr, 0, nullptr, nullptr);

but like it says in the forum, the CreateProc only works for Windows. but it’s a good start