Combo System using customized inputs for 4 different atacks

Greetings my friends from unreal!

I am doing a game about samurais and would like to know how could I create a customized combo system using different inputs.
Let me give an example of exactly what I want:

Press Left Mouse Button - Hit1
Press Mouse Thumb Button 2 - Hit2
Press Mouse Wheel Scroll Up - Hit3
Press Mouse Wheel Scroll Down - Hit4

This is the inputs I want. Already have created, but my question is, How could I Set Up the animation BluePrints to perform that?

Until Now I was following this tutorial:
This tutorial teaches how to do a simple combo of punches, however I want to add more attacks and use more than 1 input.

I made something similar as the tutorial teaches. When I hold Left BUtton my character is currently doing those actions: Hit1, Hit2, Hit3, Hit4 in sequence. I created branch points and sections.

My main question is… What should I do to perform the attacks depending on the button that I press? I mean, do a custom sequence with total control, depending the input pressed.
Should I create an anime Montage for each attack?
Or Should I use the same anime montage and set up to call sections when events are trigged?
And what about the state machines? Should I use the same slot for all the attacks?

I will show my BluePtints…

And thanks for all! Hope someone could enlighten my doubts!

As your animations are separate, i would create one state by anim and use the bool as transition rule. (like jump or crouch)

Is it possible to define my animations as stat machines?

Do the same as crouch. You drag your anim in state machine graph and do a transition rule from idle and to idle, first with bool “true” and second with bool “false”
Here is an example : but more complicated, you need only the transition rule from idle.

oohh thank you :smiley:

Soon I will try to do it =)