Combo System using customized inputs for 4 different atacks

Greetings my friends from unreal!

I am doing a game about samurais and would like to know how could I create a customized combo system using different inputs.
Let me give an example of exactly what I want:

Press Left Mouse Button - Hit1
Press Mouse Thumb Button 2 - Hit2
Press Mouse Wheel Scroll Up - Hit3
Press Mouse Wheel Scroll Down - Hit4

This is the inputs I want. Already have created, but my question is, How could I Set Up the animation BluePrints to perform that?

Until Now I was following this tutorial:
This tutorial teaches how to do a simple combo of punches, however I want to add more attacks and use more than 1 input.

I made something similar as the tutorial teaches. When I hold Left BUtton my character is currently doing those actions: Hit1, Hit2, Hit3, Hit4 in sequence. I created branch points and sections.

My main question is… What should I do to perform the attacks depending on the button that I press?
Should I create an anime Montage for each attack?
Or Should I use the same anime montage and set up to do sections depending on the input pressed?
And what about the state machines? Should I use the same slot for all the attacks?

I will show my BluePtints…

And thanks for all! Hope someone could enlighten my doubts!