Combining UAV photos and Laser Scanner Point Cloud


Ive been trying to merge point cloud and UAV photos for a while, but I havent got good results so far. 

I tried with e57, but it was not possible to import the point cloud to reality capturing, for some reason… Now I converted the point cloud to PTX, importing the PTX to reality capture. 


I run alignment on the point cloud only and then the reconstruction. After that, I bring the photos (geotagged from drone) and run alignment and reconstruction, but it only create a second model. 


Am I missing something? I`ve been trying different approaches, such as with or without GCP. 


Please, really appreciate some help :) 




a screenshot of both models including the cameras would help to evaluate the situation.

There needs to be enough common surface with good texture for images and pointcloud (I suspect it’s from a laserscan?) to align. Make sure you import the individual unordered scan stations (though geo-referenced) and not a combined pointcloud.

BTW, you don’t need to run a separate reconstruction before importing the images…


Thanks for the comment. Yes the images (UAV) and point cloud (laser Scanner) are from the same building, so there are loads of common elements. Im trying to do it with the combined point cloud, Ill try to do it with the individual scans. 

Which is the best extension to import the Laser Point Cloud?