Combining multiple single frame animations at the same time to animate hands in VR

Hello everyone! I am developing a multiplayer VR game and am currently working on the hand animations. The aim is to be able to bend each finger separately depending on how far a button is pressed down (face buttons for the thumb, trigger for the index finger and the gripping button for the rest of the fingers).

In blender I made 5 separate animations (one for each finger to curl inwards) and converted these to single frame animations in a UE4 Animation Blueprint. However, I am only able to correctly use one of these animations at a time. Now my question is: is there a way to combine multiple single frame animations? And if there is no way to do this, how do I best approach this problem?

Thank in advance!

Use a ‘pose asset’ instead of directly using animsequences. You can build a sort of library for finger orientations and blend between them.

Looking at the documentation, this indeed looks like something I need in stead of separate animations, will have a go at that. Thanks for the reply! :smiley: