Combining 2 different uv map for lightmap and texture map

Hi. I want to know, can i uv unwrap same mesh 2 time in headus uvlayout (first for texture map, 2nd for lightmap) and then import them to Maya and combine them in FBX version of same mesh for texture map and lightmap. I just do not want mess with blender. Headus is way too easy for me.

Yes I am lazy boy :wink:

Ok. I found a solution. :slight_smile:

What I did.

  1. Unwrapped and saved same OBJ 2 times in Headus UVLayout and imported both of them into maya.
  2. Created 2nd channel for lightmap in mesh which has uv for Lightmap.
  3. Copied UVmap to second channel because first channel is going to be for texturemap.
  4. Selected mesh with texturemap and shift+selected second mesh with 2 UVmap slots which is lightmap in both of them.
  5. Went to polygons menu->mesh->transfer attributes->
  6. In attributes in transfer submenu unchecked all boxes except UV sets and in attribute settings submenu set sample space to Component (If both mesh in exact same place (overlapping) set it by default to World)
  7. Applied and Done :slight_smile:

Edit: When I deleted first mesh after that process my copied uvmap deleted too. So what I did deleted the history of the mesh which I copied UV to and after that I deleted first mesh which I copied UV from. And woila!