Combine FPS and Race templates?

Hi. I guess very wise UE developers couldn’t think that a lot of people would need to combine using a car and shooting. So how can I achieve this myself?

Are you saying you want the vehicle to shoot, or you want to be able to control a player and a vehicle?

There is really no reason to be so rude, I am trying to clarify your problem so I or others can help you. My question didnt involve launching another game but rather having a player controller in firstperson being able to take possession of a vehicle controller so you can drive it around, similar to games like Battlefield, GTA, and Half-life 2.

It seems what you want is for a first person controller to be able to play an animation to open the door on a vehicle, enter it with a transitional animation, and then consume the control of the vehicle from first person. All you would need to do for something like this is when the player controller presses a button like E to enter the vehicle, you use a trace to make sure you hit a vehicle, and if you do play an animation on the players arms, an animation on the door of the vehicle, and then have the player posses the vehicle pawn.

Create one project of each, then right click the folders in one project and migrate them to the other project.

Then It’s just a matter of setting your pawn as the first person character, and implement a way to enter the vehicles from the racing template by possessing them (youtube unreal tutorial possess if you don’t know how to do this)