Colors clamped in cascade?

Forgive me if i fail to understand as to why in Cascade the actual color modules have been clamped to max 1.
For instance i wanna go to 5,20,200 as a color example.

Update: Even if you manually add emissive color with values >1 in the material it will just clamp them to 1.

Update to the main, If you do the material emissive with blackbody it does work kind of.

Hi DieByZero,

This is an issue we are aware of and have already fixed internally, although the fix is not likely to be included in an update until the 4.7 release.

The issue was reported here: 4.6 ( particles) Color picker in Color over life - FX - Unreal Engine Forums

The AnswerHub post contains a link to the GitHub commit which includes the fix (if you are using source code), as well as a workaround for the issue.


Thank you very much it bugged me as i couldn’t understand why this bug made it to the release :stuck_out_tongue:
I do not work with source however i will use the work around for now.

Have a good weekend.